About Us

Smart Dog Education is a Community Interest Company - raising funding from commercial activity, to support those furthest from the workplace into jobs or enterprise.

We offer a range of in-work career development courses, aimed at community spirited people within organisations who want to see the money they – or their employer - spends on training, being put to good use in the wider community.

Say, as an example, you work in the Careers Service – and you need to take an IAG (Information Advice and Guidance) Qualification, and depending on which level, it’s going to cost you between £1500 and £3000. We have plenty of other courses, but this is just an example.

The profit from our commercial training is then ENTIRELY invested into helping people who are not working succeed in their journey to finding work or starting a business.

After all, you may need to take a qualification, as a requirement of your job, so why not let others directly benefit from your investment.

Why Smart Dog Education?

What sets us apart from the competition is that yours (or your employers’ money) will directly help unemployed people to get jobs or start their own business.

Smart Dog Education CIC recently ran a customer service development training course for employees for a well-known International Casino group.  The income received from that course, directly contributed to the setting up of a back to work course for 25 unemployed people in the local area – 6 of whom achieved a permanent job within 3 weeks of starting the course, and one 50+ woman starting her own business shortly after.

We would like to run similar back to work courses soon, particularly in London or Southend. Why don’t you join in with this great initiative by persuading your employer to fund your chosen training with us.

Our staff have experienced employment barriers themselves – so we understand how hard it can be. Many people just can’t be supported by the Job Centre in a way that suits them -  lone parents, those with caring responsibilities, speakers of other languages, those with disabilities, mental health issues, older people and those who have been made redundant.

Let’s be clear:  We are not a Charity – we are an innovative business that puts people before profits.

It’s over to you

Take part in a training course with us and give something back to the community – help create jobs and business growth.

Have a look through our career and personal development courses and see if there is anything that appeals to you, or your colleagues, which would then help us to fund a back to work or business start-up course in your local area.

Anyone who wants to work, should be able to.

It’s time to make a change …. And you can be part of it.